Overcoming challenges – unlocking potential

What we do…

We all need a bit of support sometimes, whether it’s to overcome a challenge, work out a plan of action, achieve a goal or just deal with something that is bothering us.

We love to provide effective 1:1 coaching support for our clients, whether in the workplace or in a personal/private context.  Let us work with you, not just as a ‘sounding board’ but using techniques that can make a real difference.

Our coaching is about looking forwards, developing and improving – but if that involves looking backwards a little, that is Ok as well.

How it works…

We would have an initial (free) chat, probably on the telephone, for you to establish whether you want to go ahead.  After that, we charge £60 (£50+vat) for each coaching session, with sessions lasting up to 60 minutes. If we are travelling to you we would also apply travel costs.


Let us Help You!

For all enquiries please contact us using the information below.

A member of our team will then get in touch to discuss how Lightbulb can help you.

Tel. 01422 241228